Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations

Participants giving an oral presentation are strongly encouraged to send the presentation at least one day before the beginning of the conference so it can be uploaded into the available computer in the room. Each participant will have the chance to test his/her presentation before the beginning of each session.

An Apple Macintosh with Keynote and the latest version of Microsoft Office will be available so all presentation formats can easily be used. Presentations in PDF can also be used. A laser pointer will also be available to each presenter.

Please note:
Plenary Lectures will have a total duration of 30 minutes (25 + 5 for discussion) while normal presentations, including those belonging to the commercial sponsors, are of 15 minutes (12 + 3 for discussion).


We would like to encourage the participants with an accepted communication as a poster to mount them during the registration period. Materials to fix the posters will be provided at the registration desk

Please note:
Posters should be printed with a maximum dimension of 90 x 110 cm (width x height) and preferably in paper.


Deadline for oral communications:

15th May, 2019

Deadline for posters:

15th May, 2019

Acceptance of the abstract:

personal communication up to two weeks after the submission deadline.

Registrations still open
but without early bird fee