Scientific Program

The scientific programme of the event will comprise a total of:

  • 5 plenary lectures;
  • 4 industrial communications;
  • 14 oral communications selected by the Scientific Committee amongst the submitted abstracts.

  • The official language of the meeting is English.
    The final detailed scientific programme can be found HERE

    Confirmed Speakers:

    Andrew Fitch ,
    (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility – Grenoble, France)
    High resolution powder diffraction beamline ID22 at ESRF

    Anthony Linden,
    (University of Zurich – Switzerland)
    Data refereeing and editing in chemical crystallography. The Acta Cryst C experience

    Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal,
    (ILL - Grenoble, France)
    Crystallography with Neutrons: crystal and magnetic structures

    Roeland Boer,
    (ALBA – Barcelona, Spain)
    Data collection at the ALBA synchrotron XALOC beamline


    Deadline for oral communications:

    15th May, 2019

    Deadline for posters:

    15th May, 2019

    Acceptance of the abstract:

    personal communication up to two weeks after the submission deadline.

    Registrations still open
    but without early bird fee